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Thread: Auto-fetchmail for external accounts?

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    Default Auto-fetchmail for external accounts?


    Platform: OpenSuSE 10.3, Zimbra 5.04 (I think).

    I now have a small system up which seems to work OK for trial production, but I've come across a few gotchas which may be either wrong user expectation or my inexperience with the way Zimbra works.

    I have a number of external accounts set up. One pulls via POP3S in the "main" email folder, another one uses IMAPS and has thus separate folders.

    The problem is that neither of those accounts appears to be automatically updating. Even if I go into the IMAP folder, it's not live, I have to click a button to get updates. The POP3 account has a setting for polling frequency but that appears in my installation merely decoration.

    I have end users who expect to keep the web interface open and see a live status of what mail they get, which is especially in a transition phase crucial. Is there anything I can do to force such updates instead of users having to click buttons every time?

    Cheers, CH.

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    I use zmfetchercfg for the past six month without any problems

    try it out

    Zimbra-Fetchmail - Secret Wiki

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    [SOLVED] Receiving mail from MultiPOP3 Server describes on how to set the polling frequency.

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