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Thread: Checking Last time a user checked their mail?

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    Default Checking Last time a user checked their mail?

    Is there anyway to check the last time a user checked their mail? I know with sendmail, I used to just list the /var/spool/mail directory and parse it for the date. Is there someplace I can do that or something similar with Zimbra? I'm trying to weed out inactive users and/or help them to login if they aren't using it.

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    Checked with Roland..

    The last login time (zimbraLastLogonTimestamp) gets updated as often as the global config value:

    zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency: 7d

    Mainly to keep LDAP writes down, and because most people only need to ask queries like "show me all accounts that haven't logged in in 30/60/90 days".

    So the short anwser is you can get this from LDAP.
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