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Thread: Antivirus Admin Notifications

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    Question Antivirus Admin Notifications

    I keep getting these email notifications like the following:

    Apr 16 09:16:54 mchn39 zimbramon[13495]: 13495:err: Service status change: antivirus changed from running to stopped

    And then I get another one reporting this:
    Apr 16 09:18:47 mchn39 zimbramon[13495]: 13495:err: Service status change: antivirus changed from stopped to running

    Is this normal? Since it has "err" in the message I think it might not be normal. But I can find anything to suggest an issue maybe occuring.

    Robert Canary
    OCDirect Electrical-Datacomm

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    FWIW we are seeing the same thing.

    I'm guessing it's normal under 5.0.4 (at least the service restarts near instantly), but would be nice for someone from Zimbra to confirm. :-)

    All the best,

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    Same problem form me! VMWARE multiple server installation and 5.0.4

    Could someone help please ?

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