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Thread: Zimbra/Exchange Interop Howto

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    Default Zimbra/Exchange Interop Howto


    Would you be please kind enough me to send me the details/howto on getting Zimbra/Exchange Interop right?

    I m having problems :-( What am I missing?

    Ex Srv URL:
    Schema: Basic
    UserName: slan\mailadmin

    DOMAIN Interop Settings - Same as above

    COS > Advanced > Interop
    "/o=MYORG/ou=First Administrative Group"

    Accounts> Interop
    /o=MYORG/ou=First Administrative Group/cn-Recipient/

    Thanks in advance.
    best regards, Dilan

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    You can enable logging for freebusy stuff by adding the following to


    Look for any clues there. It could be the authentication failing with your username set to slan\mailadmin. You might want to try it without the domain, or using double backslashes, or just a slash.

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