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Thread: Relay Domain denied

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    Default Relay Domain denied

    I can now relay smtp from any internal host only if the client uses actual domain) or the IP address of the zimbra server in the client config for outbound smtp server. However if the client puts any other host in the smtp out then they get a relay denied based on the domain. What did I change to make this happen? How do I change it back.

    We have a LAN that has an outbound port 25 intercept to route ALL outbound email into my DMZ and through zimbra. This was to help monitor for spamming.


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    Sorry not quite sure what you are asking Within the mail client settings for SMTP I presume you are using the FQDN of the ZCS ? or previously were you using just the domain name ? If you were just using the domain name did you have a A record in DNS that pointed to your ZCS installation ?


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