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Thread: iCal Feed?

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    Default iCal Feed?

    Is there a way to push out a RSS/XML/iCal feed of a user's calendar from Zimbra? I'd like to be able to share a XML URL with people I choose so they can see all my calendar.


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    First you need to enable some sharing > right click the cal > see pic (there's other ways to enable I'm just assuming your using the web-client).
    You can have internal & external users automatically get notification emails to make it easier for the other person to be aware of the share & to accept/add it.

    Whats you're looking for:

    Or put /Calendar?fmt=html on the end, etc.
    (As far as I know .xml isn't implemented yet.)

    -'user' & 'home', as well as 'service' & 'zimbra' are mostly
    -Depending upon if you're already logged in/permissione etc, you can replace accountnames with ~ to view your own.
    -Some are interchangeable/often not needed & you can construct in a variety of ways. ie:

    In v5, we added the ability to go to http:// to see an easily readable day/week/month view. (The publisher must share the calendar specifically or publicly in order for you to see it.)

    Another new & cool ability with 5.0.1+ is to get free busy info by visiting http:// which will display an aggregate HTML calendar for all the user's free-busy data. (Of course you can always choose to select "exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times" if you wish.)

    The time range can be specified in a number of different formats:
    (milliseconds UTC)
    {relative dates}

    For units, everything after the first character is ignored (except for the "mi" case):

    Relative dates are either in the future (p/+/{not-specified}) or the past (m/-), along with a numeric value, followed by the units.Examples:
    1day 1 day from now
    +2days 2 days from now
    p1day 1 day from now
    -2days 2 days ago
    +60mi 60 minutes from now
    +1week 1 week from now
    +6mon 6 months from now
    1year 1 year from now

    The start/end query parameters apply to the atom, ics, rss, and ifb formatters, so like:
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    Default Errors in week and day view

    when i use a url such as http://, the month view is ok but if i change to week or day view all appointments are 1 day early. I looked at the page source and found the following:
    <a href="?view=day&amp;date=20081112">

    Tue, Nov 11
    Clearly the date label does not agree with the href, one pointing to tues nov 11 and the other to nov 12th. Can you suggest a fix?

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    Other than the view= parameter, what other parameters can I pass to Calendar.html to adjust its initial appearance?
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