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Thread: clam av update

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    Default clam av update

    Hi Zimbras :-)

    I am a first time user of zimbra - installed it on a ubuntu 6.06 tls and I really like it

    one question: saw that fresh clam/clam av complaints about the engine being outdated:

    coming with zimbra 5.02 -> 0.92
    stable -> 0.92-1

    any hints how to update?



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    Welcome to the forums,
    Generally if you keep your definitions up to date every couple of hours you'll be fine.
    We roll the next versions into our releases after careful vetting. Of course, should there ever be a critical reason to force upgrade we would let people know as well.
    If you would like to do so on your own and not wait for 5.0.3 see Updating CLAMAV - Zimbra :: Wiki
    You can also vote for Bug 15137 - Breakout RPM packages for ClamAV, SpamAssassin and Others to allow out of cycle updates

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    ok, thanks for the info.

    voted for breakout packages "bug", hopefully not only RPMs will be build .deb rules



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