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Thread: Domain Admin set/unset account away message

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    Default Domain Admin set/unset account away message

    A common request of a domain administrator is to set and unset away messages for user accounts. Frequently users go on holiday forgetting to set their e-mail auto-reply, and likewise forget to switch them off on return. I cannot see that a domain administrator has the power to configure an away message for a user account in the admin console. Am I missing something?

    Also, there seems to be an inconsistency in terminology within Zimbra regarding away messages. Acknowledging that the on-line user guide itself states that away messages are also known as out-of-office auto-reply messages, I think that the Zimbra admin console account preferences, and the Zimbra Ajax/HTML preferences should agree on terminology. The former refers to the feature as an away message, and the latter as auto-reply message.

    Thoughts anyone?


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    Up an old post..

    Default domain admin doesn't have the ability to set Out of office message for its user

    Using zimbra 6 NE

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