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Thread: Archive and Discovery questions??

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    Default Archive and Discovery questions??

    q1.> Is it possible to turn the Archive and Discovery on per user/or domain? If I have multiple domains I donít necessarily want all of the domains getting archived.

    q2.> I would like to give the compliance officer a way to access the A&D search utility without giving him full access to the admin gui.


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    Hi Mike,
    It is possible to turn on A&D per user/domain.
    However, it does require Admin privileges. I would recommend that you file an enhancement to allow A&D users. Also, maybe someone could write a zimlet?

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    Just getting back to this issue. Is there anyone here in the forums that would/can write a zimlet for this? I will pay for it. I need this asap as I will be moving over to Zimbra A&D soon.


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