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Thread: SSL Certificate Question

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    Default SSL Certificate Question

    Hi Community,

    I have 2 zimbra 5.01 community edition servers ... working great I love Zimbra.

    I would like to purchase commercial ssl certificates for my 2 zimbra servers. I have 2 urls that can be used to access each zimbra server ie... and can both take you to zimbra server 1 and and can both take you to zimbra server 2.

    My question is that godaddy sells individual domain licenses as well as multiple domain ucc licenses. Since I have 4 domain names that each forward to 1 of 2 servers can I purchase the multiple domain ucc license to cover 2 servers 4 domain names? Remember 2 domain names forward to server1 and the other 2 domain names forward to server2.

    What do I need to purchase from to get this configuration to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Avoid GoDaddy in the first place, thats my advice!

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    Default Installing Zimbra UCC certificates

    Dear All,

    We are running zimbra version zcs-NETWORK-5.0.4_GA_2101.UBUNTU6.20080321141441

    Because we are hosting around 20 domains we are planning to purchase a Multiple Domain Certificates, also called Unified Communications Certificates (UCC).

    When I generate CSR with the certificates installation wizard and put a coma delimited list of domains in the common name field my input gets rejected with an error. Is there another way to do this?


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