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Thread: iCal 3 "Domain (null)/Error 0" in multi domain setup

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    Same problem here and on other users with iCal 3 on Leopard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jholder View Post
    Okay, can you folks post your client information?

    For iCal 3, make sure you ONLY enter the URL

    NO trailing slash. It's an iCal bug
    Server is ZCS 5.0.1 NE on Mac OS X. Using iCal 3*. Set iCal preferences for:

    Username: jbare-test@domain-test.lan
    Password: my Open Directory password
    Account URL: https://zimbra01.domain-test.lan

    Click Add and the error is:

    "Account information not found: Request encountered an unexpected error (domain (null) / code 0)."

    * Tested on iCal 3.0.1 (10.5.1) and 3.0.2 (10.5.2 build 9c20). Same error on both builds.

    P.S. If you need this submitted as a support case, I can do that as well. Thanks.
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