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Thread: help required to set up new zimbra server

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    Default help required to set up new zimbra server


    I want to setup email solution for one firm, they
    have current 200 mailboxes in exchange 2003 ,
    I am setting up zimbra server (open source edition)
    in one single linux server using single server installation pdf for zimbra. and now going to migrate
    their mailboxes in zimbra form exhcange 2003.

    Is is right way, or suggest some diferent situation.


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    can upload psts to zimbra server

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    Default ImapSync

    Since you are using the OSS version, you may need to investigate if imapsync would work for you. Imapsync is not a Zimbra, but other SysAdmins have had used it in the past with great of success.

    User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Hope this helps.

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    The other day he had made: Migration wizard for exchange or Flow of mails form command line & ssl problem while migrating
    Seems to be a new thread each time instead of replying to the same if they get repetitive I'll merge them.

    He should have both the Exchange Migration Wizard & the PST Import tool in his downloads section even on FOSS.
    See also: [SOLVED] PST import tool, error limit reached & for things to set when doing imports.

    If you end up running two systems at once (ie you can't migrate them all in one big switch over) checkout Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki
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