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Thread: Any Problems using zmtrainsa to get 56,000 Spam Emails at once?

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    Default Any Problems using zmtrainsa to get 56,000 Spam Emails at once?


    We've recently made a decsision to deploy spamassassin on top of our current anti-spam system and as we currently have a spam mailbox filled with 56,000 (3 months worth) messages i was wondering if there would be any issues training spamassassin with it? does it have to reindex these messages every time and thus take a very long time or does it ignore the messages it already has?

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    Nope. Shouldn't be an issue. It may take time to train, as it does it message by message, but you should be fine.

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    Should be fine, it will go through to create the tokens against each one, so technically it'll just take longer as it goes while checking for existing tokens.
    I would do it at night so you're not loading it down.
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