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Thread: copy/move addresses/contacts to the GAL

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    Default copy/move addresses/contacts to the GAL


    what is the best approach (for the Zimbra admin) to copy and/or move email-addresses/contacts to the GAL (normalusers cannot update the GAL..)

    Thank's a lot for any suggestion!


    We don't yet have Zimbra installed

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    There are some things in the works for the future, but in the present release "you can't get there from here." The GAL is a list of addresses of actual user accounts, aliases, and distribution lists on the server. You cannot import or create email addresses that are hosted elsewhere.

    There is a bug with considerable discussion on this issue, and I'm sure it will eventually be part of a reconstructed GAL, but it's not here yet.


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    Default Ldap

    But you can link to an External LDAP interface. If you are running an LDAP server with contacts, you can make the GAL point to that LDAP server (as well as the internal server)
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    Quote Originally Posted by john99 View Post
    (normalusers cannot update the GAL..)
    For that part vote on & watch/cc yourself on these GAL RFE's -
    Let Staff Update: Bug 19429 - more detailed access rights to update the GAL
    Let Users Update: Bug 5953 - allow user to edit their own LDAP/GAL attributes
    In the meantime, you could however use soap/zmprov commands in a lite portal/limited console, where the user's could go and update their own personal contact info.

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    in the meantime - while we all discuss imports to the GAL - is there a procedure that imports to the zimbra local ldap server - from some format (I can bring all my contacts into a PST and export from there to almost any format...and then bring it into the local ldap server, juts don't know how...).

    By the way, a flexible, manageable GAL would be a huge advantage over Exchange !

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