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Thread: Parsing redo log?

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    Default Parsing redo log?

    Is there any equivalent of mysqlbinlog for the Zimbra redo logs, i.e., make actions (message deletes) human-readable or at least greppable?

    I'm trying to figure out exactly when/why hundreds of messages disappeared from a user's INBOX, and I figure the redolog should know. Performing a binary search through repeated point-in-time recoveries of the whole 400MB account is somewhat tedious.

    I see no IMAP, ActiveSync, or Outlook connections to the account during the period that the messages disappeared. I currently have it narrowed down to 2 days; will have it down to 1 day after the next zmrestore.

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    I would like to know how to do this too.
    If you do a recover you can hit refresh over and over and kinda watch whats going on, but that isnt very good

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