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Thread: My backup is getting too much bigger

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    Default My backup is getting too much bigger

    Hi guys, i'm using Zimbra Open Source 4.5.6 on a Suse 10.1 of course i follow the steps on the wiki to make a fully backup every day, it works fine, but i got surprised the other day when suddenly my backup grows from 1.5G to 2.1G, i track the record of my backups everyday so in a week it just grows 500 MB maximum, the only thing i did before this happened was a shutdown of my server and then a restart after 4 hours, what could be happening?

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    I presume you are keeping a historical rotation of your backups? If that's the case I'd suggest doing a comparison the the saved directories from the 'larger' one to the previous backup, see what's changed. It's impossible to give you an answer without knowing what files are new or have grown.


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    You really should upgrade to 4.5.10, here's one cause of large logs: [SOLVED] running a version 4.5.6 or prior? Prevent Large Log File
    What backup method are you using, are you just rsyncing? (without --delete it may grow over time....)

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