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Thread: GAL data data entry

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    Question GAL data data entry

    Is it possible to have users update their GAL data through the desktop client or by other means? I don't see a way but I was hoping maybe it's just not exposed... I would rather have users update phone, address etc rather having to worry about a single admin resource doing all the data entry stuff.

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    This feature is not currently planned for zdesktop. Thanks!

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    Hey griffon,

    Vote on & watch/cc yourself on these GAL RFE's -
    Let Staff Update: Bug 19429 - more detailed access rights to update the GAL
    Let Users Update: Bug 5953 - allow user to edit their own LDAP/GAL attributes

    In the meantime, you could however use zmprov commands in a lite portal/limited console, where the user's could go and update their contact info.

    -I'm going to move this thread to the administrators section, all links will redirect of course

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