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Thread: Deleting/emptying entire calendar contents

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    Default Deleting/emptying entire calendar contents

    I have a users calendar that contains all doubled (and sometimes tripled) calendar events. I want to delete her entire calendar, and then restore it from a .pst file that I have. I tried using

    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov sm "user account" emptyfolder /calendar

    but that comes back with an error saying "command not found". I am using zimbra version 4.5.2

    any suggestions??

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    ok so,

    su zimbra

    it's Zmmailbox - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Notice the caps:
    emptyfolder needs to be emptyFolder or just ef
    /calendar I assume your talking about the default cal (which you can't delete) so you need to use /Calendar

    zmmailbox -z -m emptyFolder /Calendar


    zmmailbox -a admin -p password -m emptyFolder /Calendar


    mbox> adminAuthenticate -u password
    mbox> selectMailbox
    mbox> emptyFolder /Calendar

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