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Thread: the following meeting request has been modified

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    Default the following meeting request has been modified

    I'm having a problem with calender details getting replaced with message "the following meeting request has been modified"

    I've done a bit of debugging, and we think that it might be related to activesync, and calendar delegation.

    Here's what i think is happening:

    user1 has a calendar and has shared his calendar to secretary

    secretary creates a meeting in user1's calendar

    user1's mobile device syncs the message

    secretary then sees that the message details have been replaced with an ugly message "The following meeting has been modified: subject..."

    Then this calendar item gets synced up everywhere else

    has anyone else seen this, or have any advice?

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    This is a boring problem, I know.

    But I know that someone's seen this before?

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    I have the same problem. The bug you linked describes an addition, but in our case it completely overwrites the message.

    Any suggestions/ideas on how to resolve this?

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