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Thread: [SOLVED] RBL -- updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by padraig View Post
    thanks Dan, what is your opinion on automated spam analysis
    or does the same as ham apply
    Oh, I have no problem with auto-spam analysis. Like I said, we're more likely to get junk than not, so my worry is only creating the illusion that bad stuff is actually OK

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    Without sounding like I am downing Zimbra, I have prefered to put a MailScanner installation infront of Zimbra. The rationale around that is that I do not have to tweak Zimbra and leave it to what it is very good at without attacking the command line.

    We use multiple RBLs with high success rate, plus image recognition, CRM114, MSRBL with Clam, and rolled our own RBL using the MailScanner/MailWatch MySQL integration. A script looks for certain criteria and generates a RBL which DNSRBLD uses.

    We have had a couple of FPs due to Kanji characters, but on the whole .4% SPAM is getting through.

    This does take management time, but has reaped the rewards, well that is what management tells me

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    Default Spam

    Thanks for all the help this can be marked as SOLVED.

    following the tips in this thread my spam is now ZERO
    most uses get < 0.5%.

    We get FPs < 0.05%

    Thanks Again.
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