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Thread: Error occurred: mailbox in maintenance mode: 38

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    Default Error occurred: mailbox in maintenance mode: 38

    i backupped an account prior to move it and i got this:
    [new zimbra@mailz ~ ]$ zmbackup -f -a
    [new zimbra@mailz ~ ]$ zmmailboxmove -a -t
    Error occurred: mailbox in maintenance mode: 38

    searching doc i was not able to fnd anything yet
    someone can point me to right doc or suggest me what's happpebed?


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    Please contact Zimbra support.

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    When you run the zmbackup command it does the backup in the background. Putting the account into maintenance mode while the backup is running. Until the backup has completed you will not be able to run the zmmailboxmove.

    So either just watch your logs to see when it completes, or add the --sync option to the zmbackup command which will result in the backup running in the foreground and you will know when it completes.

    Then run the zmmailboxmove.

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