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Thread: Password cannot be changed too soon.

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    Default Password cannot be changed too soon.


    What does "Password cannot be changed too soon. If the problem persists, please contact your System Administrator" mean?

    I changed the user password and when I try to login I get the "you must change password" prompts but then I get that message.

    I am running zimbra-core-4.5.7_GA in the trial period on a Fedora Core 7

    I have also added the samba and posix gallery extentions for 4.5. Would that be causing any issues? (Get or contribute Zimlets, UI themes, and languages in the Zimbra Gallery - zimbra_samba Admin Extension)


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    I bet it does have to do with it. It may be that the new password has not replicated to your AD/LDAP servers yet.

    So, if you wait, does it fix it?

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    I'll change another one and have a look. this is only a test machine so is horribly under spec'd (vmware instance running on a desktop...).


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