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Thread: Deferred queue settings

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    Default Deferred queue settings

    is there a way to change the deferred queue settings so that when a message is unable to deliver for some reason, the sender will be notified sooner? For example, if the sender types in the wrong domain,, then within a few min. they should receive an email notifying them that there message didn't get deliver. Any ideas? Thanks!

    Greg W.

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    The problem is that you still have to account for all the possible things that could be in the way of mail delivery, a net outage on your end, ISP outage, power outages, heavy traffic on either end, someone down for weekend maintenance, etc.

    Do you want to modify the maximal time a message is queued before it is sent back as undeliverable?
    Lower the number of retries?
    The min max/time between attempts?
    Of course post back here-but see this thread: /forums/administrators/9114-automatically-drop-deffered-mail-pm-thread.html

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