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Thread: Internal email sent via aliases works intermittently

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    Default Internal email sent via aliases works intermittently

    Hi All,

    I'm super-new and stumbling around in the dark here, so please bear with me...

    I am having intermittent problems sending email internally using the aliases assigned to each account. The accounts are set up such as “” with an alias in the manner of When I send an email to it is received w/o any problem. If I address an email by typing the first letters of “john.smith” and choosing from the pop-up window of like address names it only reaches the recipient about 25% of the time. If the email does not go through, it disappears – it does not give an unable to reach destination message and it is not in any of the mail queues. If I type the full address, w/o using the pop-up window it goes through every time. Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m using Zimbra version 4.5.5_GA_838.RHEL4 and client machines are all XP SP2 with Firefox 2.0 or greater.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Anything in the logs that indicate why delivery is failing?

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