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Thread: Mount /opt onto new array

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    Default Mount /opt onto new array

    I am trying to move the existing /opt folder and all its files onto a new array. The new physical drive is partittioned and formatted (reiserfs). I have edited the fstab and added /dev/sdb1 /opt reiserfs acl,user_xattr 1 2. Basically, what i would like to know is, can i move the existing /opt folder and all its files onto a new drive without messing with file permissions......will zimbra still work? Should zimbra be shut down when trying to move the files and folders? Anyone that has done this, could you offer so help?

    ps using zimbra beta1 OSS on SLES10

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    I went through this a couple weeks ago. On our test server I screwed up initially and didn't replicate the file permissions..let me just say..copy i with the file permissions intact.

    My process was

    Mount new file system at /newopt
    shutdown zimbra
    copy /opt to /newopt
    unmount new filesystem
    Mount new file system to /opt
    resart zimbra

    It worked with no problem and we are now up and running on 1.5 TB of wonderfully fast storage.

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    If you have a permission problem (after moving files arround for example), you can fix it with a tool provided by Zimbra :
    su -root
    chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra
    cd /opt/zimbra/libexec

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    Or use the venerable tar commands...

    # cd /newopt
    # tar -cf - -C /oldopt zimbra | tar -xvf -
    While it might not be the quickest thing in the world, it works and file perms/owners/etc. all come over fine.

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