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Thread: error apon opening user mailbox

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    Default error apon opening user mailbox

    got this error today just thought u might like to see it everything still working very well howerver. I used IMAPsync to import messages from my old bincIMAP server to zimbra mabey this has caused some problems as some of my mailboxes will not even transfer. BincIMAP uses a modified maildir++ format called IMAPdir you can check the details here.

    BWT Binc has be a very clean and reliable imap server and very helpfull folks too. It is however difficult to add features like a db backend.


    message - this._calController has no properties
    fileName -
    lineNumber - 3877
    stack - ([object Object])@
    ([object Object])@
    ([object Object])@
    ([object Object])@
    ([object Object])@
    call([object Object],[object Object])@:0
    ((function (params) {if (!(params && params.bIsRelogin)) {if (!this._appViewMgr) {this._appViewMgr = new ZmAppViewMgr(this._shell, this, false, true);}try {this._components = new Object();this._components[ZmAppViewMgr.C_SASH] = new DwtSash(this._shell, DwtSash.HORIZONTAL_STYLE, "console_inset_app_l", 20);this._components[ZmAppViewMgr.C_BANNER] = this._createBanner();this._components[ZmAppViewMgr.C_USER_INFO] = this._createUserInfo();this._settings.loadUserSett ings();if (params && params.settings) {this._needOverviewLayout = true;for (var id in params.settings) {this._settings.getSetting(id).setValue(params.set tings[id]);}}this._pollInterval = this._appCtxt.get(ZmSetting.POLLING_INTERVAL) * 1000;DBG.println(AjxDebug.DBG1, "poll interval = " + this._pollInterval + "ms");ZmTimezones.initializeServerTimezone();this. _setUserInfo();this._checkOverviewLayout();var app = params ? : null;var startApp = ZmZimbraMail.APP_CLASS[app] ? app : ZmZimbraMail.defaultStartApp;if (this._appCtxt.get(ZmSetting.SEARCH_ENABLED)) {this._components[ZmAppViewMgr.C_SEARCH] = this.getSearchController().getSearchPanel();}var currentAppToolbar = new ZmCurrentAppToolBar(this._shell);this._appCtxt.set CurrentAppToolbar(currentAppToolbar);this._compone nts[ZmAppViewMgr.C_CURRENT_APP] = currentAppToolbar;this._components[ZmAppViewMgr.C_APP_CHOOSER] = this._createAppChooser();this._components[ZmAppViewMgr.C_STATUS] = this._statusBox = new DwtText(this._shell, "statusBox", Dwt.ABSOLUTE_STYLE);this._statusBox.setScrollStyle (Dwt.CLIP);this._calController = this.getApp(ZmZimbraMail.CALENDAR_APP).getCalContr oller();if (skin && skin.showSkin) {skin.showSkin(true);}this._appViewMgr.addComponen ts(this._components, true);try {this.activateApp(startApp);} catch (ex) {this._handleException(ex, this.startup, null, true);}this.setSessionTimer(true);} catch (ex) {ex.code = ZmCsfeException.SVC_AUTH_EXPIRED;this._handleExcep tion(ex, this.startup, null, true);}}this._schedule(this._killSplash);}),[object Object],0)@
    apply([object Object],[object Array])@:0

    name - TypeError

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    thanks for the report. That particiular error has already been fixed for the next release.


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