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Thread: Logfile size

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    Default Logfile size

    How can I set logfile size limit? For example my logger_myslow.log is 76mb right now...

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    Add to /opt/zimbra/bin/zmlogrotate and/or /etc/logrotate.d/zimbra
    It is a normal logrotate style file. You can add entries for logger_myslow.log. I included a wide varity of options. More of a discription can be found at man logrotate.

    /opt/zimbra/log/logger_myslow.log {
            create 0660 zimbra zimbra
            size 5000k
            rotate 3
    There is also a file /etc/logrotate.d/zimbra that is the same as zmlogrotate. I'm not sure which one to edit. I know logrotate will rotate the one in /etc/logrotate.d for sure though. To manually rotate the logs you can use logrotate /opt/zimbra/bin/zmlogrotate. I guess one could symlink one to the other to simplfy things.


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    Default which file?

    zmlogrotate is installed in /etc/logrotate.d - you want to edit the one in logrotate.d - I'll get this into the product for the next release.

    Thanks, guys...

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