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Thread: Read Receipt Status

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    Default Read Receipt Status

    Looking at, I see that bug 7257 is listed as uncommitted. Does that mean that it definitely won't make it into the 5.0 release or merely that it's not guaranteed to make it?

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    This explains it: Notes and Help - Zimbra Product Portal
    ('uncommitted' = 'not committed' in that document)

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    This is pretty frustrating it would seem for all involved. We have this comment on the bug from Zimbra, comment #12, from last November:

    This feature has not been scheduled for either the next (4.5) or the subsequent (5.0) release. It's currently slated for the release after that.

    If you'd like to see it implemented sooner, please vote for the bug via bugzilla and encourage other likeminded people to also vote for the bug. If you're a Network customer, please let your sales contact know that you'd like this feature added.
    It seems like everyone has voted, quite a lot in fact, and yet still it doesn't make it in sooner. This suggests bias on the part of the developers, ignoring a feature they don't think is important even though lots of customers or potential customers do.

    For the record my company is a paying Network Edition customer via a hosted solution at Contegix. I voted for the bug as we are directed. It has been at or near the top of the RFE list for months. It could and should have been scheduled for the 5.0 release.

    What good is directing us to create and vote on RFEs when they are blatantly ignored like this?

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    This is a very hot topic that we've been discussing for a while.

    What I can tell you, is that we've marked the bug "TRIAGE" which means that it will be brought up in the next TRIAGE meeting. It also has been marked PMI, which means that the Project Management team will re-evaluate it.

    This is not a declaration that it will be incorporated into the next release. There are some server-side changes which have to take place.

    We value the votes, and sometimes (depending on many factors) we just can't put it into the release.

    It's obvious that many want this bug, which is why the PM team and the TRIAGE team are going to look at it again.


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    Default a possible solutions

    We solved using an auto reply from a scheduled perl script that send the
    reply once the user read the message.

    if you are interested please send me a private message.

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    After all the threads about this and the votes I can't believe that this isn't a priority. This is one of the most basic features of email and you guys are adding things like Mail Identities which are not necessary, but some people might find useful.

    Where I work liability is a huge issue....Even non-computer savvy users can't believe that there's no read receipts in Zimbra when they ask how to get them.

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    Seacom is proud to announce the availability of a workaround for bug #7257. The Zimlet, we have developed, allows to send read receipts and delivery reports through the Zimbra webmail.

    The zimlet download is allowed to registered users from our blog:

    Return/Read Receipt Zimlet | ::Seacom°blog°Zimbra::

    This zimlet is in an early stage; please don't use in a production environment!!
    Stefano Pampaloni

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    Default How early of a stage?

    And what is the expected time frame for a versin fit for a production box?

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