Phase-Out of 32-bit Binaries - Q&A

Why are 32-bit platforms being deprecated?

While 32-bit computing will undoubtedly be around for quite some time, Zimbra is starting a transition to 64-bit platforms. We've created this page to make people aware of this process with regards to their own planning.

How does this process work?

When we add support for a new operating system, we plan to build and publish only 64-bit binaries.

What's the timing on platform availability?

We will mark a platform as DEPRECATED to indicate that support for that platform will cease with the next major product release. Please refer to product documentation for specific information on Supported, Deprecated and EOL platforms.

How do we move architectures (or platforms)?

Some helpful guides include:

But we really need a version, and it's just too much work to convert all our systems. What do I do?

If you're a Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition customer, please contact Support to discuss a conversion plan. For the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition users, you can leverage the ability to build from source and target your required platform or architecture. To put it simply: We just won't be building or testing them. If you notice something no longer compiles or is otherwise majorly broken, and you or anyone else in Community finds a solution, file a bug in Zimbra Bugzilla.

It's my first time installing Zimbra, what should I download?

Use the latest 64-bit platform where possible on your new systems.

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