Setting your Desktop Options

The Options tab consist of feature tabs that let you customize how your mailbox, address book, and calendars work for each account you set up on Zimbra Desktop. Default behavior is configured when you set up an account on Zimbra Desktop.

Changes you make in the Options>Global tab affect the basic Zimbra Desktop layout for all accounts.

Changes you make in the other Option tabs are specific to the email account you are working in when you open the tab. You can see the name of the account you are working in on the Options toolbar.



Changes to this tab affect all email accounts on Zimbra Desktop.


When a messages arrives:

The following are available only with the Zimbra Web Client account.



You can create signatures for your email messages. Your signature can include your name and additional closing text to the maximum number of characters that your account allows. If you create multiple identities, you can create different signatures and assign them to specific addresses.



The accounts tab is used to create and manage your personas. Persona is the mail identity used in the Sent by field of email messages you send.

The default style is defined in the primary account settings. When you create new identities, you can use the same settings as the Default Identity or you can set different preferences.

Mail Filters

Use the Mail Filters tab to define mail filtering rules. To learn how to set up mail filter rules, see How filtering works.




Keyboard shortcuts let you use the application without going to the mouse. A large number of shortcuts are available. You can also create custom shortcuts by assigning numeric aliases to folders, tags, and saved searches.

You can assign any number, but it cannot be repeated within a shortcut tab.