Saving messages as drafts

You can save your message as a draft to be completed and sent at a later time.  Draft messages are saved in your Draft folder until you send them or delete them from the folder.

You can enable a preference to automatically save your email as a draft while you are composing the message. You can also click Save Draft while composing to save the message as a draft

Setting your Preferences to automatically save drafts

Go to the Preferences>Composing tab and enable Automatically save drafts of messages while you are composing. Messages you compose are automatically saved as a draft every few minutes.

To save a message manually:
  1. Compose your message as described in Creating a new mail message.

  2. Click Save Draft.

The draft message is saved to your Drafts folder.


To retrieve a draft message

You can compose and send the completed message as normal. When sent, the message is removed from the Drafts folder.