Kabuki AJAX Toolkit

The Kabuki (a.k.a Zimbra) AJAX Toolkit is a client developer library, similar in style to traditional object-oriented widget libraries like Eclipse's SWT, albeit for JavaScript.

As of ZCS v4.5.8, we will no longer be releasing the Kabuki Ajax Toolkit source code as a separate download. The Zimbra team continues to enhance Kabuki, but will only be making the Kabuki source code available as part of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition source code.

If you want to use Kabuki, then you are welcome to retrieve the latest source code from within the above download. The open source licensing terms for Kabuki are under the Yahoo Public License (YPL). Please note: There is no user interface (UI) attribution in the Kabuki Ajax Toolkit JavaScript libraries, so there is no UI attribution obligation for any new applications that you build solely with the Kabuki source code.

If you are already using Kabuki and want to access to older standalone source code, you are also welcome to continue to use Kabuki source code versions released prior to ZCS v4.5.8 (2 October 2007) by retrieving them from SourceForge.

If you are not using Kabuki Toolkit today and are looking for a new standalone AJAX Toolkit, you are welcome to use what we have; you may also want to try other AJAX toolkits that are application independent. One example is the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Toolkit which is designed for building general purpose AJAX applications.