Zimbra Developer Zone

Community and contributions. Our principal reason for open sourcing the Zimbra Collaboration Server is our hope to grow a thriving community around this technology. To that end, we cordially invite developers and systems administrators to join the newly inaugurated Zimbra Community in order to:

  • Help scrutinize our architecture and code in order to make Zimbra more reliable and more secure
  • Shape future releases of Zimbra by helping us to prioritize the Zimbra engineering team's projects
  • Provide value-add in the form of general purpose integrations, customizations, or extensions to Zimbra, which can (at the creator's discretion) be posted on the Zimbra community site (irrespective of any overlap with native Zimbra capabilities)

Integration may be of particular interest - Zimbra is an extensible collaboration platform that will provide programmatic and/or XML/web service bindings for:

  • "Inbound" applications to submit tasks, schedule meetings, etc. At present, such bindings are in the form of XML/SOAP network interfaces to the Zimbra Collaboration Server, but we also encourage the development of generic application developer kits (API libraries) for invoking Zimbra services from Java, PHP, Python, C/C++, C#, and so on
  • Defining actionable email content that provide "outbound" links to applications, such as purchase order approval, package tracking, integration with 3rd-party enterprise software such as CRM, SFA, and ERP
  • Higher-level workflow tools for defining and executing document-oriented business processes within email
  • Implementing custom, business-dependent security or usage policies

All of these, of course, are fair game for community members. We are happy to make any such value-added technologies licensed as open source available to the rest of the Zimbra Community via the Zimbra site. (And if we get enough of them over time, we will even track relative popularity.)

We also welcome submitted code - ranging from bug fixes to substantial new features - for possible inclusion in the Zimbra Collaboration Server itself. Submissions must be accompanied by an executed contribution agreement, which is more restrictive than the sharing model embodied within open source licenses. Questions? Please see the Zimbra Contributions FAQ.