Zimbra Acquisition Q&A

  1. What is Zimbra announcing today with Yahoo!?

    Zimbra has agreed to be acquired by Yahoo!. Zimbra and Yahoo! remain committed to Zimbra's existing customers, markets, product and partners. The Zimbra team is excited to be able to bring the Zimbra product to the one of the largest destination sites on the Internet and accelerate Zimbra's adoption.

  2. Will Zimbra customers be affected by the acquisition?

    No. Yahoo! and Zimbra remain committed to the existing product, on-premises software, ISP partners and markets. Together with its partners, Zimbra will continue to serve businesses, service providers, educational institutions, government, and non-profits.

  3. Will Zimbra continue to offer an on-premises solution?

    Zimbra will continue to offer the freedom of choice of on-premises and a SaaS product offering.

  4. How will Zimbra's customers and community benefit from this announcement?

    With the brand and reach of Yahoo! behind it, the sky is the limit for Zimbra. We look forward to enhancing the Zimbra product offering and delivering new and innovative products and features to Zimbra's customers and community.

  5. Will this impact Zimbra's plan for version ZCS 5.0?

    No. The 5.0 release is targeted for this year and we plan to release it on time.

  6. Will there be any changes in pricing for Zimbra subscriptions?

    No. Zimbra is available today under with the same pricing and we encourage you to contact us if you are ready to buy.

  7. Why is Yahoo! acquiring Zimbra?

    Zimbra allows Yahoo! to extend their leadership in messaging with a range of new capabilities and markets including businesses, universities, and ISPs.

    Zimbra's team and community are tremendous assets to Yahoo! for building a platform for innovation and open participation.

  8. Why did Zimbra decide to sell the company?

    Zimbra believes that Yahoo!'s brand and global reach is a great way to accelerate the adoption of our platform globally across a wide range of vertical markets.

    We are excited to team up with one of the world's largest email hosters.

    Zimbra and Yahoo! can provide our customers more options that leverage the strengths of Yahoo!'s platform and content network and tightly integrate it into Zimbra using Zimlets to maximize the returns for our ISP customers and hosting partners.

  9. Will you accept new customer accounts?

    Yes – contact us today!

  10. What happens to Zimbra's SME and enterprise customers?

    Business will continue as usual for existing Zimbra customers. We are committed to making sure that their experience is not compromised and look forward to having the opportunity to offer them new and exciting features.

    Zimbra will continue to grow customers in a wide range of markets including: advertising/communications, construction, engineering, education, financial services, local, healthcare, high technology, non-profit, real estate, retail, and transportation.

  11. What will happen to hosted Zimbra partners?

    Everything will stay the same. Zimbra and Yahoo! are committed to enabling hosted offerings for our partners and we will be offering additional monetization models to our partners.

  12. Will new co-branding requirements be added for Zimbra customers and partners?

    No, branding rights do not change for Network Edition customers. Customers can continue to perform “white label" rebranding of the ZCS product as they see fit.

  13. Will Yahoo! remain committed to the open source community?

    Yahoo! has always supported the open source community and is committed to being open. We will continue to make source code available to view, modify and compile and unencumbered use.

  14. Will the Zimbra server and Web client remain open source?

    Access to the Zimbra source code will remain available and free.

  15. Will new Zimbra projects and additions to the current Zimbra suite be open source?

    Zimbra will continue its practice of offering both an Open Source Edition and a certified Network Edition of the ZCS software.

  16. Who at Yahoo! will be responsible for overseeing the Zimbra business?

    Zimbra will fall under the Communications & Communities team, reporting to Brad Garlinghouse, SVP of Communications and Communities at Yahoo!.

  17. Will Yahoo! keep the Zimbra brand name?

    This is work in progress. Stay tuned.

  18. Will Yahoo! maintain Zimbra's existing management?

    Zimbra has a strong management team that Yahoo! views as valuable to the Zimbra business and both companies are committed to creating a seamless transition.

    Zimbra's co-founder and CEO, Satish Dharmaraj, is committed to remaining with the company, as are other key members of the executive management team including CTO Scott Dietzen and co-founders Ross Dargahi and Roland Schemers.

    In fact, the entire Zimbra team is excited to be joining Yahoo!.

  19. What are the terms and conditions of the transaction?

    Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! will acquire Zimbra for approximately $350M in cash.

  20. What are Zimbra's revenues and is it profitable?

    Because Zimbra is a private company we have not disclosed revenues or projections publicly.

  21. How many employees does Zimbra have?

    Zimbra has approximately 100+ employees around the world.

  22. Will Yahoo! begin "eating its own dog food" by using the Zimbra product for its own employees?

    Yes. Yahoo! is excited about the technology and is working on a plan to implement it at Yahoo!.