VMware – Zimbra Questions & Answers

General Questions

Q. How does this acquisition affect Zimbra Customers?

Zimbra Customers should see no changes in how Zimbra conducts day-to-day business; we are operating as a division within VMware as we have in the past at Yahoo!.

Expect to see in the future improvements such as accelerated product development, enhanced business processes, expanded QA and support resources.

Q. Will Zimbra continue to provide on-premises software for customers and partners to run on their own servers?


Q. Will Zimbra continue to offer a free open source solution; will the licensing change?

Zimbra is committed to its community and to a free open source solution. We intend for our licenses to continue to support our community-based efforts.

Q. Why is VMware interested in Zimbra?

VMware and Zimbra share a common belief in the shift toward virtualization as well as cloud computing.

Please see VMware CTO Steve Herrod’s blog post on this topic: http://blogs.vmware.com/console/2010/01/vmware-to-acquire-zimbra.html

Q. Is VMware committed to the Zimbra vision and products?

Absolutely, their commitment was a key driver in the acquisition.

VMware is committed to support the Zimbra product roadmap and our vision as it will help to achieve our shared vision of simplifying IT.

Please see Jim Morrisroe’s blog post on for more information: http://www.zimbrablog.com/blog/archives/2010/01/zimbra-to-join-vmware.html

Q. Are there plans to integrate the Zimbra and VMware products?

There are no immediate plans, but we will start scoping out integration of Zimbra with key VMware technologies such as vSphere, which is infrastructure that VMware supplies to cloud providers. Also expect to see an updated Zimbra Collaboration Suite Virtual Appliance in the near future.

We'll share more information on this as we develop any such integration plans.

Q. Will VMware retain the Zimbra brand?

Yes. We also look forward to working with the VMware team to co-market our technology and brands to the global Zimbra community.

Q. When is the deal expected to close?

The agreement has been signed; assuming no unexpected delays it is likely to close within the quarter.

Q. Will Zimbra employees be going to VMware?

Absolutely. VMware was very keen to acquire both Zimbra’s technology and team so they can provide the same services they do today.

Q. Is Zimbra moving?

Over the next several months Zimbra will be gradually transitioning from our Sunnyvale, CA USA location to a new facility nearby at VMware. Expect to see our address and phone numbers updated; we will notify customers and partners of this change when it happens.

Q. Will there be other communications to customers and partners as part of the close process?

Not necessarily related to the deal closing, but as we change our physical location or have other material updates expect to see updates from us.

Partner-specific Questions

Q. How does this deal affect Zimbra Partners? Will there be changes to Zimbra's partner strategy? What happens to any deals in progress?

Partners will continue to be at the center of the Zimbra strategy, as they are for VMware, and currently there aren't changes anticipated in Zimbra's relationship with partners. Generally there should be no effect on deals in progress.

Q. Will partners still work with the same channel/account manager at Zimbra?

Yes, we do not anticipate changes at this time.

Q. Will the margin structure change?

Not necessarily due to the acquisition, but as we've announced to partners in recent webinars and newsletters, in 2010 we'll be rolling out a program with more incentives and margin for partners to register opportunities. This is a direction in which we were already headed, and which is also consistent with how VMware structures margins for partners. We'll share more information on this in the coming couple months.

Q. When and where will Zimbra services be available from VMware? How will VMware sell Zimbra services? Direct or through partners?

Zimbra will continue to be offered to the market primarily through partners, which is consistent with VMware's go-to-market model.

Q. How and when will Zimbra partners be able to join VMware’s partner program and sell other VMware products? Will partners have to sign new contracts?

Partners can of course join the VMware Partner Program at any time, and many Zimbra Partners today are already VMware partners. At least in the near term, there will continue to be separate partner contracts for partners who participate in both the Zimbra and VMware Partner Programs.